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€ 23,200*

Key Features of the Hayabusa

*Showroom price €23,200

Red Plates €19,900

Famed for its abundant power, agility and majestic presence. Legendary for establishing new levels of ultimate sport performance, and for retaining the number one position for the past two decades in the class it created. Fast forward to today. Total commitment and tireless effort by Suzuki engineers give birth to the 3rd generation perfectly poised to carry riders boldly into the future.

Its further enhanced performance features even smoother power delivery and nimbler handling, with a collection of the latest electronic systems designed to optimize performance characteristics, that mach the Hayabusa more controllable, predictable and bullet-proof reliabile.

And it wraps all this in a package that will instantly draw attention for its breathtaking style and grace.


The vehicle colour shown above is
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