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Five Stars for all-new Suzuki Vitara from Euro NCAP

4 May, 2015
  • - New Vitara is the first compact SUV to earn a five star overall rating from 2015 Euro NCAP testing programme
  • - High scores in all areas of assessment put the Vitara among the safest cars in its class
  • - Total Effective Control Technology and extensive use of high-tensile steel ensure

    The new Vitara (European spec) has been awarded five stars by Euro NCAP receiving top-class rating for its excellent safety performance.

    Suzuki’s latest model is the first compact SUV to achieve high scores in each of the four main areas of occupant protection, child safety, pedestrian protection and safety assist undergoing new rigorous tests by the 2015 European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP).

    In detail:
    Adult Occupant: 89% / (80%*)
    Child Occupant: 85% / (75%*)
    Pedestrian: 76% / (65%*)
    Safety Assist: 75% / (70%*)
    *) minimum level for 5-star rating

    The five star rating is limited to those models that provide the greatest amount of crash protection for occupants and pedestrians. Taking into consideration the fact that the rating system was made even more rigorous in 2015, these five stars are more valuable than ever before. More details can be found at

    The new Vitara’s passive and active safety systems are designed to intelligently anticipate and react to potentially dangerous situations with an excellent level of protection.

    One of its major safety features is Total Effective Control Technology – a concept for occupant-protecting impact absorption and low weight developed by Suzuki. Computer-aided engineering technologies and the extensive use of high-tensile steel make the body light and highly crashworthy and fuel-efficient.

    Passive-safety equipment also includes seven airbags, which protect occupants in the event of a frontal or side impact; seatbelt pretensioners and force limiters. Euro NCAP’s tests on the front seats and head restraints showed good protection against whiplash injury in the event of rear-end collision and a geometric assessment of the rear seats also indicated good protection.

    In addition the bonnet shape and new structures for the cowl top, wipers, and bumpers provide impact absorption to mitigate the extent of harm in the event that the car comes into contact with a pedestrian.

    Much thought has been put into the active safety equipment of the new Vitara. It includes advanced technologies such as pre-collision safety systems. The Vitara is equipped with Radar Brake Support.
    If it detects the risk of a collision with the vehicle in front, the system warns the driver with an acoustic alert and indication on the meter display.
    The driver can select the timing of the warning from: FAR and NEAR.
    If the risk of a collision gets higher, the system activates brake assist which increases the braking force during hard braking.
    If the Radar Brake Support then determines a collision is actually unavoidable, it applies the brakes automatically to prevent a collision or to reduce damages at low speeds.

    Safety for children – and pedestrians

    Suzuki paid particular attention to child safety in accordance with the latest European legislation, such as offering i-Size to provide children with additional protection and safety.
    All of the restraint types for which the Vitara is designed could be properly installed and accommodated in the vehicle.
    The new Vitara also gets an excellent score for pedestrian protection.
    Its smart and advanced design pays off in more ways than one. In addition to optimal occupant safety it reduces the severity of the head’s impact in a typical pedestrian accident. The bumper provided good protection to pedestrians’ legs in all areas tested.

    Advanced assistance systems

    The Vitara also offers an Adaptive Cruise Control function, making driving more comfortable.
    A millimetre-wave radar measures the distance from the car in front.
    The driver can select from medium, long or short to control distance from the vehicle ahead.
    If there is sufficient distance from the vehicle ahead, the Vitara maintains the set speed.
    If the car in front is driving slower, the Vitara automatically decelerates to keep sufficient distance.
    If the vehicle in front changes lane and there is sufficient distance the Vitara automatically reaccelerates and keeps the set speed.

    The new Vitara is the first European Suzuki model equipped with a hill descent control.
    The vehicle automatically brakes in LOCK mode when it‘s driving down a steep slope in a constant speed.
    For more safety and comfort in parking situations the Vitara offers a rear view camera.

    About the new Vitara

    Being the flagship vehicle of Suzuki`s four-wheel drive vehicles the new Vitara was built by combining traditional elements of its long SUV heritage with new features and dynamic lines.

    Ever since its market launch in 1988, the Suzuki Vitara series has earned acclaim for stylish, city-oriented designs, compact, easy-to-manage dimensions, comfortable on-road performance, and genuine off-road capability. The series has evolved through changes in body size and powertrain, and now, more than a quarter-century after the original model’s debut, the Vitara heritage is embodied in a fresh sport-utility-vehicle incarnation.
    The all-new Vitara has smaller dimensions to meet contemporary needs such enabling owners to express their style by personalising its design while offering low CO2 and fuel-efficiency. It incorporates Suzuki’s cutting-edge ALLGRIP four-wheel-drive system and advanced safety and connectivity equipment.
    The new Vitara is being built at the Magyar Suzuki plant in Hungary and will be exported around the world as Suzuki’s global compact SUV. It makes its  debut in Malta later on this year.

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